#scorerelief2021 fundraiser

Score Relief 2021 is raising money to support workers from the events and entertainment industries, including live performance, theatre, film and TV,  who have experienced financial and other hardships due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

100% of profits from the campaign will be donated to the Backup Hardship Fund. Backup is the Technical Entertainment Charity and is registered with the UK Charity Commission (No. 1159168) 


Monies will be used to provide relief to workers in the technical supply chain who have lost work or income due to the pandemic, with a particular focus on those workers, and their families, who have not received support from the government .

Chapel Theater Milwaukie presents - Agnes Addington

The Side Hustle of Agnes Addington.jpg

Chapel Theater Milwaukie presents an audio play series during the time of Covid-19. Season 1 was produced during the fall of 2020 with new episodes released each Friday, from October 30 - December 18. The initial release was was exclusively to subscribers and will be on podcast platforms in early 2021. The works were commissioned and written by Ellen Margolis. The show was produced by Illya deTorres and Diana Schultz. Sound design and engineering by Benjamin Cleek

Primer Episodes 1 and 2 are each comprised of 2 short one act monologues. Season 1 of The Side Hustle of Anges Addington is made of 6 episodes with full casts. Season 2 is currently in planning.


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Benjamin Cleek is an composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and interactive designer who began experimenting with music at age six. His current works draw influence from performance and production techniques, transcending genres while remaining steeped in an eclectic background in jazz, orchestra, experimentation, and all the beeps and bloops found int the modern electro-acoustic studio.


As a child, Benjamin first became musically proficient on the saxophone, soon followed by the guitar. By high school he had advanced as a multi-instrumentalist and was recognized at an All-State level. By the time of graduation Benjamin had learned the tuba, bassoon, and double bass. He received the Louis Armstrong Jazz award in 2002, shortly before earning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. Throughout this period, he was playing at jazz clubs throughout New England as a tenor saxophonist. His jazz musician days faded with the discovery of the recording studios found in academia. He quit performing from 2006-2008 to focus on developing skills in acoustic and synthesizer based production, which led to his first projects in film scoring and eventually designing interactive media systems. These pursuits made it necessary to add piano to his multi-instrumental proficiency. 


Benjamin continues to perform in solo and collaborative projects. He has worked with artists on visual and social practice pieces. He has written music for 5 feature films, 10 shorts, and contributes to music catalogs for licensing. Aside from these straightforward applications for music, he applies music technology and interactive design to media content in VR and 360 video. Some of these projects have included medical VR experiences, branded content, and custom interactive environments for corporate events.


The Portland Sessions (2016 - present . web series) - Recording and Mix Engineer

Removed / Evolution of Evil (2018 feature) - Composer

Casual Encounter (2017 short) - Sound Designer / Dialog Editor / Re-recording mixer

House of Greeting Cards (2016 short) - Funny or Die Original - Composer

Sliding Scale (2016 short) - Funny or Die Original- Composer

Nocturne (2015 short) - Composer / Sound Designer / Dialog Editor / Re-recording

The Mad Ones (2015 feature) - Composer

Slowly Quickly (2010 short) - Composer / Dialog Editor / Recording Mixer

Common Threads (2008 feature) - Composer

ECT - A Story of Two Women (2008 short) - Composer / Sound Designer

Super Go! (2008 short) - Composer / Sound Designer

Food Not Bombs PSA (2007 short) - Composer / Sound Designer

Desert (2007 short) - Composer / Sound Designer

Up and Down Again (2006 feature) - Composer

Buffalo Dreams (2005 feature) - Composer

Milk (2003 short) - Composer

Benjamin has worked on award winning films that have been screened internationally, including at the Geena Davis Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Oregon Independent Film Festival, Alaska International Film Awards, Switzerland International Film Festival, and the Bentonville Film Festival.



Portland, Oregon 97214

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