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Hi, I'm Benjamin Cleek, a film composer / sound designer / live and studio sound engineer. This is my website for my studio. It's a rad warehouse space located in inner SE Portland and has a main hybrid live / mix environment in a 480 sq/ft warehouse space. There are 2 other mixed use rooms that are sometimes filled with communal synths or art projects and function as a nice place to put cases or to get different room tone from. The live room is 16 x 32 feet and has plenty of room for a band to spread out. The two other rooms are a smaller room about 8 x 16 ft, and a larger room about 16 x 16 ft. There's plenty of room to spread out and get good isolation and / or experiment with getting cool sounds like that classic motown slap. 

I am currently getting back into recording bands after a break for many years. During that time I was more involved with film projects, sound design, live sound, and getting some licensing libraries together. But covid slapped all that down. I'm now looking forward to meeting some new faces and helping bring you vision into the material world. I have more than a decade of experience completing projects, running into the usual problems and figuring out the best ways to outsmart yourself when you're in the studio. 

Get in touch about your next project and let's have fun!

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